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Examples of Issues I Help Resolve

Aging and death present problems and conflicts that I help resolve every day. If you are going through something like this, then I may be able to help you too:

Your uncle can no longer take care of his health or pay her own bills. Does he need a guardian?

Your aunt began giving gifts to her caregivers that she can’t afford. Should you start a guardianship?

Your brother has been managing dad’s finances as his power of attorney and won’t keep you informed. Is he stealing your inheritance from you?

Your mother died with a will that names you as personal representative and/or a trust that names you as trustee, and you are not sure what you have to do.

Your father died without a will. Who gets the house and how?

Your grandmother amended her trust, giving a much larger share to your uncle, but she had severe dementia at that point.

Your grandfather changed the beneficiary of his account from you to your aunt, and he wouldn’t have done so unless she forced him to.

My wife’s will gives everything to her children. Can she do that? Is there anything I can do about it?

My ex-husband died and now I don’t receive child support. How will I pay the bills? I need money to help us get by.

My sister is the personal representative or trustee and won’t give me an accounting of the assets and how they are being spent. When will I get my inheritance and how much will it be?

About Jay

Jay Kauffman was born and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Economics from Rutgers College and his Juris Doctor degree from The University of Texas School of Law.

As a lawyer, Jay has devoted more than 20 years to helping clients protect their parents and their inheritances by litigating over guardianships, estates, and trusts. Jay advises guardians, personal representatives, and trustees regarding their rights and responsibilities, serves as a fiduciary himself when appropriate, and has testified as an expert witness on probate, trust, and guardianship attorneys’ fees.

Jay has written three chapters in two probate law manuals that are published by the Florida Bar:
Chapter 4, Rights of the Surviving Family, Litigation Under Florida Probate Code, 5th edition (2005), 6th edition (2007) and 7th edition (2009);

Chapter 14, Appellate Practice in Probate, Litigation Under Florida Probate Code, 5th edition (2005), 6th edition (2007) and 7th edition (2009);

Chapter 3, Jurisdiction, Practice Under Florida Probate Code, 4th edition (2006), 5th edition (2008), 6th edition (2010), 7th edition (2012), 8th edition (2014), 9th edition (2016), 10th edition (2018); 11th edition (2020); and 12th edition (coming in 2022)

Outside of the office, Jay is a devoted husband and proud father of two good, strong, beautiful daughters who enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading.

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